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“ We are an outstanding institution with the aim to train men and women who will be ministers of the New Testament ... ”

Our aim is to raise men and women who will not be ministers of the letter but of the Spirit with the ability to impact their generation with the power of the gospel. We will train men that will impact both the practical aspects of the word as well as the Spirit so that the faith of their hearers will not lie in the enticing words of men’s wisdom but in the demonstration of the Spirit and of Power.

Justice D. Kwawu, Principal

Why Choose Us

SLBI is your one stop online Bible Institute where men and women are raised to be true ministers of the New Testament

Certified Teachers

Our Tutors are certified to teach the Spirit and the letter of the word and to ground you in the present truth


On Completion of particular modules, you are certified from an accredited organinsation of Bible Studies

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3 Months

The Old & New Testament in Christ

Price: £150.00

3 Months


Price: £250.00

4 Months

Understanding the Gospel

Price: £150.00

5 Months

Arts & Humanities

Price: £250

2 Years

Life Sciences & Medicine

Price: $550.00

3 Years

Applied Mathematics

Price: $400.00

5 Years

Natural Sciences

Price: $600.00

2 Years

Digital Marketing

Price: $350.00

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